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Centrifugal: A moving film that depicts the story of a woman’s life in just one minute

A short one-minute film by a college student from Irinjalakuda in Kerala, India, has managed to capture the attention of several people online for its realistic and moving portrayal of the life of a woman.

Adithya Patel, the 19-year-old cinematographer, editor and director of the movie Centrifugal is earning a lot of appreciation for his debut project, the concept of which was given by his mother Hena Chandran.

The film’s opening scene shows the toes of two feet tied together, depicting a woman who has just died. Throughout the movie, only the lower legs of the characters are visible.

“When we thought of shooting a woman’s life from the moment of birth, we knew the face was not important. It could be the story of any woman,” says Hena.

The hard-hitting film shows that right from the time she is able to walk, each step of a woman is watched, monitored and restricted by her family – be it her father, husband or even her son. Every step she takes has to be with the concurrence of society.

The movie, however, ends on a positive note. A girl in yellow capris can be seen hurriedly climbing a fence and then a tree. A woman’s voice can be heard in the background: “She’s climbed the tree again,” she says, laughing.

“Let her climb,” says a man.

Watch the movie here:

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