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Here is a rescue farm that connects special needs kids with animals coming from similar background

Safe in Austin rescue farm in Texas does the wonderful job of connecting children with special needs with animals facing disabilities, special needs or traumatic past experiences. This sanctuary welcomes animals from all species, no matter the condition they’re found in.

“We rescue animals from severe abuse or neglect, rehabilitate and rehome the ones that are able, and offer a safe and loving forever home for the rest,” says founder Jamie Wallace Griner. “Once they are healthy enough and we have earned their trust; we introduce our rescues to children that come from similar backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and/or special needs.”

The farm is now filled with abused and/or neglected chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, goats, pigs, dogs and more.

“We have dogs that have been abused beyond your wildest imagination, but are an example of total forgiveness and trust. We have giant pigs that were saved from the slaughter truck, and love nothing more than to roll over for belly rubs or snout kisses! And we always have precious baby goats running around waiting for a hug,” says Jaime.

Read more here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/4004/This-Rescue-Farm-In-Texas-Connects-Special-Needs-Children-With-Special-Needs-Animals

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