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In Santiago, Batman is delivering meals to the homeless people

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted global economies and rendered scores of people jobless. Among the worst affected are the poor sections of the society. In Chile, where unemployment rate surged to 12%, a man from Santiago, the nation’s capital, decided to make lives of the homeless people in his city a bit better through his kindness and generosity.

This citizen of Santiago disguises himself as Batman and is often seen on the prowl in the streets of the city. He wears a shiny Batman suit which is complete with COVID-protection gear such as a face mask.

It is his personal mission to provide plates of hot food to the homeless on a regular basis to sustain them post the pandemic. His noble gesture won him local recognition, but the man chooses to go unnamed.

Read more here: https://food.ndtv.com/news/stranger-disguised-as-batman-delivers-meals-to-homeless-people-in-santiago-2282032

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