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This school librarian delivers books using drones as libraries remain closed

Kelly Passek is a middle-school librarian in Virginia, and she was one of the first customers of a drone delivery service launched last year by Wing. When libraries were shut to the public amid the coronavirus outbreak, Kelly came up with a unique idea to ensure kids could still rent books.

After seeing how quickly her household items were delivered, she petitioned Wing to take on library books, too.

She asked the school’s superintendent, Mark Miear, who was “immediately on board.”

“Montgomery County Public Schools will be the first public school system in the world to use Wing to deliver library books to our students,” Passek said. “We are thrilled for this opportunity to have a really unique way to deliver resources to our students and do it practically on demand.”

Read more here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3836/A-School-Librarian-Is-Using-Drones-To-Deliver-Books-To-Kids-All-Summer

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