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We may always have a soft corner in our heart for something local, close to our town or village just because we always have a sense of belonging to the place we were born, went to school and grew up. I-believe have listed some example projects that you can be part of. Each of the projects listed here are started by one of our members and has a budget assigned to it. The budget was prepared by the person who started the project. That’s the amount they envision to get the project started. Once the project earns the budgeted amount, I-believe will facilitate the project implementation by working closely with the project admin. You can support a project by donating money, materials or your valuable time. Or you could start your own project.

Since I- believe Inc. is a public charity registered with the IRS (United States), the money you donate here is tax deductible for American tax payers. Donors from other countries, please check with your accountant or tax expert to see if this would qualify and if you wish to deduct your donations.

We have also listed the status of many projects including lessons learned so that you can apply these lessons learned on your future projects. Listed here are some of our active projects. Our main goal is to inspire and encourage individuals to be part of the projects they care - be it global or local. Many of these projects could be easily executed in your small town or village whereever you reside in this world - be it the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia or Middle East.

By acting local, we could collectively make a difference globally!

You may contribute towards one of these projects or start a new one. You will also find a list of project ideas on this page.


Here are some project ideas you could do on your own or group of friends or colleagues at work.

  • Educate and Train unemployed community members
  • Organize Make a Difference Community Events like:
    • Free Health Checkup Camps in rural areas,
    • Design and Build Huts and housing for low-income communities, additions to existing houses and villages
    • Support Farmers with new technology
  • Support Old Age Homes, Orphanages with food supply, clothes, and other needed amenities
  • Organize training sessions on health care issues, family planning, and first aid in rural communities
  • Create awareness and train men and women in villages on self -employment opportunities
  • Motivate and encourage youngsters to participate and engage in voluntary activities geared towards the sustainable development of villages