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When it comes to helping non-profit or charity projects, how many of us think – “I am too busy right now – maybe later”,  “I will start helping others once I become rich”,“ I am too little to help that project” , “Someone else is going to help them” , “The government should do this – not me”, or “it’s not my problem”?

I cannot speak for everyone but I used to think that I am too busy or I will help others when I become rich. I’ve come to realize you will always have something or the other going on but it is the busiest person in the world who can make time for you. Now about becoming wealthy or rich – becoming “rich” is a relative thing for many of us. When you have a dollar, you will wish for $10 and when you have $10, you will wish for $100 and this continues as your life style changes. Your wish lists become your needs. We always worry about the future and things that we don’t have. How many times have we truly appreciated the things that we have, the things that our parents gifted us? I realized – there is not an auspicious moment to start this. Today is that tomorrow that we were worried about yesterday. Over the years, I realized becoming “rich” is not always about money. You are rich when you are content and happy with what you have.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles! So with that said, I finally decided to start this organization in 2012. Occasionally I get tied up in something and am not able to dedicate the time that I should. Thanks to Kimberly Dickey and Mojes Mathew who agreed to help me setup the organization and many thanks to all my friends who have always supported me. I owe my inspiration to start this organization to all the wonderful people I have worked in the past on small and big projects. I want to name them all here but I am afraid I will miss a name or two and wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. At present all the officers for this organization volunteer their time to support various functions. GBRI, an onlined education platform takes care of 100% of the operating costs. In addition, GBRI staff members Felicia Fuller and Kayla Gerstenberg wholeheartedly volunteers many hours for i-believe.

Don’t wait for the world to change! As Gandhiji said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. Wondering how to get involved? – explore different tabs on this website such as projects and ideas, get inspired, etc. No project is too small. Dedicate your time for a project near and dear to you, donate for a cause you support, comment on a blog, write about something you like, start a new project and give others the opportunity to contribute. The only requirement is sharing our common belief and goal: “i-believe I can make a difference.”

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