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70-yo Air Force veteran heroically saves neighbors from burning home

Marshall Helm is a 70-year-old Air Force veteran who is battling cancer. But that did not stop him from charging into a burning house to ensure the safety of his neighbors.

When Helm noticed smoke and flames emanating from the house next door as he walked his granddaughter to the bus stop early in the morning, he immediately sprung into action and threw open the garage door only to find flames climbing up one of the building walls.

Gary and Kathy Benjamin had been sleeping upstairs when they awoke to hear Helm shouting about the fire. Although they were confused by the commotion, they managed to run into the hallway and escape with Helm through the back door just as the flames were engulfing the garage door where he had come in only a minute before.

Thanks to Helm’s quick actions, the Benjamins suffered only minor smoke inhalation—and even though they lost their home in the fire, they are simply grateful to Helm for saving their lives.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/70-year-old-veteran-battling-cancer-saves-neighbors-from-fire/

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