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Books drives help spread the word about the need for books and help us reach families who might have books to give.

  • Set a goal ~ Every 150 books serves 10 kids!
  • Decide where books should be dropped off ~ your house, at an event, entryway or common area, by the elevator, in classrooms, etc.
  • Place clearly labeled collection boxes in strategic locations as needed
  • Spread the word ~ e-mail, e-newsletters, church bulletin, school flyer, posters, Facebook, blog about it, etc.
  • Gather up donated books and re-pack neatly in boxes with lids
  • As you are boxing, please pull out any damaged, outdated, or musty books

The following PDF files are for your use.  Blank spaces allow you to write in or insert a text box with your specific book drive details.  For questions or support, please contact us at info@i-believe.org