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French billionaires to donate $450 Million towards restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral

Less than a week after Paris’ world famous heritage site the Notre Dame Cathedral witnessed a devastating fire, many French billionaires and companies have come forward to donate over $450 million towards restoration efforts. The largest donation announced was from LVMH Group, which owns Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy. The company and the family of CEO Bernard Arnault promised €200 million...

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Residents of this Indian city convert kitchen waste into 100 kg of biogas

The BTM constituency in the city of Bengaluru, India, generates 120 tonnes waste per day, of which 55 per cent is organic. If this organic waste is not segregated, it would most likely end up in the landfills where it would rot to produce methane – one of the most potent greenhouse gases. Now members of the Koramangala Residents Welfare Association wanted to change that. Supported by local politicians,...

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This inexpensive device can create electricity from snowfall

UCLA researchers have just designed an inexpensive, first-of-its-kind device that is capable of generating electricity from snowfall. The device, called a snow-based triboelectric nanogenerator or snow TENG by the researchers, is small, thin and flexible like a sheet of plastic. The snow TENG generates charge through static electricity and produces energy from the exchange of electrons. “Static electricity...

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Russian government to release around 100 captive whales into the wild

Last year, pictures of orcas and beluga whales held captive in a bay near the Sea of Japan port city of Nakhodka, Russia, surfaced and sparked concern among animal activists. The animals had been caught illegally by companies which planned to sell them to marine parks or aquariums in China. Soon after, a petition to release the whales was shared on social media which received nearly 1.5 million signatures,...

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Willie Nelson rescued 70 horses from the slaughterhouse, now looks after them at his Texas farm

86-year-old American musician Wille Nelson has an impressive herd of 70 horses at his Texas ‘Luck Ranch’, where he prefers to spend most of free time looking after the equines. The amazing thing is that all of these horses were destined for slaughterhouses, and Nelson rescued each one of them over the last few years. The name “Luck” suits the ranch in more ways than one. Nelson likes to say, “When...

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This 7-Eleven owner didn’t send hungry, young thief to jail, he sent him home with more food!

A 7-Eleven owner in Toledo, Ohio – Jatinder Singh – caught a teenage boy stealing snacks from his store. But the good hearted man sent him home with ‘real’ food instead of calling the cops. When the teenager admitted to stealing food upon being caught, he said that he did it because he and his younger brother were hungry and had nothing to eat. Singh then told the teen to go and collect more pizzas,...

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Meet the woman who aims to give 10,000+ sex workers and their children a better life

Not all heroes wear capes – and Seema Waghmode is definitely one of them. Currently living in the city of Pune, India, Seema always had an inclination towards social work. That is why she started working with leprosy patients immediately after completing her studies. In 1993, she started her own social work organisation and called it Kayakalpa. It was the same year that she joined the government’s research...

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Oprah Winfrey donates $2 million to help Puerto Rico recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria

Oprah Winfrey has donated a whopping $2 million to help Puerto Rico recover from the massive damage caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017. The island is still struggling to recover from destruction unleashed by the hurricane which caused the death of over 3,000 people, rendered thousands homeless and left large parts of the island without drinking water and electricity for months. Winfrey’s donation will go...

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Man converts board games into bed sheets to keep sick kids in hospitals entertained

Hospitals can be quite dreary and drab for all patients, irrespective of their age. Young patients, however, feel even more desolate in the monotonous hospital environment. An entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina – Kevin Gatlin – felt that this shouldn’t be the case when he visited his friend’s hospitalized child several years ago. So he spent almost two years developing interactive bed...

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Sikhs all around the world to plant 1 million trees for the 550th birthday of founder Guru Nanak Dev ji

EcoSikh , a Washington DC-based NGO committed to environment protection, launched a world-wide campaign to plant one million trees to help the environment and mark the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the founder of Sikhism. EcoSikh collaborates with thousands of Sikh Gurdwaras and institutions all over India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the US, UK, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Norway and many other...

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