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These two Indian women found loving homes for 465 lab-test Beagles

Can you imagine living inside a tiny cage where you have absolutely no control over how to live your life? You can’t choose when and what to eat, how to spend your time, you can’t decide when the lights go on and off and worse of all, you are supposed to eat, urinate, defecate and sleep inside that tiny cage with absolutely no contact with the outside world. If this scenario sounds nightmarish to you, let us...

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When Kenyan women’s lacrosse team was playing with no cleats, the Israeli team gifts them new ones

On Tuesday, the Kenyan women’s lacrosse team played Israel and were at a slight disadvantage as its players did not have any cleats. That is why the next day, Israeli team surprised the whole team with brand new cleats. It should be noted that the Kenyans aren’t like other players. They have minimal financial support, and the young women face poverty and hardship at home, and Team Israel took note. “I know...

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This public school superintendent plans to use his first $10,000 bonus to cover his students’ college applications

Grant Rivera, a superintendent at a public school system in Georgia, recently received his first ever bonus of $10,000 after his district met certain performance standards. Instead of pocketing this money, this 44-year-old plans to use it to cover the college application fees of his high school students.   Rivera is donating the bonus to the Marietta Schools Foundation so that it can help students who apply to...

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This noble soul uses her pension to help the poor give dignified funerals to their dear ones

Amarjit Kaur Dhillon is a 63-year-old retired bank officer from Punjab, India, and she has a heart of gold. Dhillon has been actively involved in social work since quite some time now. In the year 2000, she took voluntary retirement from her job to help those in need and since then, she has helped cremate more than 300 bodies of those whose families couldn’t afford a proper burial and those who have no one....

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This 11-year-old has a beautiful plan to encourage kindness in his community – The El Paso Challenge

Ruben Martinez is an 11-year-old boy from El Paso, Texas, who has come up with a unique way to spread hope and kindness after two tragedies in the form of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton shook the country this weekend. The boy has initiated the El Paso Challenge under which he is challenging each person in El Paso to do 22 acts of kindness for others in honor of the 22 people who died that day. “He...

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Scotland’s new plastic bottle return scheme could lead to 11 million of them getting recycled annually

Scotland is all set to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme under which people would be required to pay a 20 pence deposit when buying drinks contained in single-use plastic or glass bottles and aluminum or steel cans, and they can get their deposit back when they return the empty container for recycling. With a 20 pence incentive not to throw away your empties, Zero Waste Scotland estimates a 90% reduction in...

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“Learning is not a competition,” says Singapore’s Education Minister; does away with exam rankings

Singapore’s Minister of Education Ong Ye Kung feels that young children shouldn’t see learning as a competition, but as a form of self-discipline. This is why Ong has decided to abolish exam rankings and instead focus on a child’s own level of achievement, apart from that of his or her peers. Under the new system introduced by the minister, pupils will be graded according to broad achievement...

August 02, 2019 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Two California professors arrange a set of seesaws across the US-Mexico border wall for kids from both sides to play together

Two college professors from California, Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, just gave a new ‘unifying’ twist to the border wall that separates the US and Mexico. The duo built a “Teeter-Toller Wall” into the slatted border fence which includes a set of seesaws that allow children and adults from both sides of the fence to play together, while still being in their own respective countries. Rael and...

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Under a new green initiative, Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in just 12 hours

Setting a new world record, Ethiopia planted over 350 million trees in a mere 12-hour period on Monday. The mass tree planting in the country is part of a bigger ‘green legacy’ initiative undertaken by the government under which it aims to plant 4 billion trees between May and October 2019. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed created the initiative to help restore Ethiopia’s landscape, which experts say...

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This Indian officer tackled malnutrition with a brilliant initiative – ‘My School, My Farm’

When Shashanka Ala, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, got posted in the Lawngtlai district of Mizoram – a small, hilly northeastern state – she was stunned by the time it took to reach the area from Aizwal, the state capital. The journey took almost 10 hours on a bad road that during the monsoons is struck by landslides, resulting in delays that could take up to an entire day....

July 26, 2019 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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