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This woman came up with the perfect solution to keep tourist trade elephants fed as tourism collpases

COVID-19 pandemic has hit the tourism industry real hard globally. With no tourists to entertain, the elephants working in the tourist trade in Asia have become idle, and a source of concern for their owners. This is because feeding them requires money and since there is no tourism, their owners are tsruggling to keep them fed. Thankfully, Carol Buckley and her organization Elephant Aid International (EAI) have...

May 21, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Anonymous donors pay off the college debt for 400 students

Non-profit organization Students Rising Above (SRA) has been involved with providing financial assistance, counseling etc. to students from low-income families since two decades now. Recently, the non-profit announced that a group of anonymous donors had collected around $8 million to pay off the college debts of 400 such students in California. Elizabeth Devaney, CEO at SRA, informed the students with a...

May 20, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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US just approved its largest ever solar project

The Trump administration has just approved an estimated $1 billion Gemini Solar Project that is all set to be the country’s largest solar project ever with a capacity of 690-MW. U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt signed the Record of Decision (ROD) for Solar Partners XI to construct this solar project and ancillary facilities about 30 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. This could be the...

May 15, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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