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A Christmas gift from all of us

A Christmas gift from all of us

Location                 : Kerala, India & New York, USA (2017)
Contact Information        : Sujith Koshy

Budget                               : $ 500-1000

UN Sustainable Development Goals  that are addressed                                : No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Reduced Inequalities

Project Start Date                        : 10/1/2016


Many of us in the United States give and get several gifts big and small during the Christmas season. In fact, we get so much more than what we need that we go and sell the un-wanted presents on e-bay. Sadly, there are millions of people on the same planet we live who doesn’t even get the basic necessities. The idea behind this mini project was to bring smiles to the 25 inmates of an orphanage with a surprise Christmas gift. We planned to take them all for shopping at a textiles shop in Adoor, Kerala and buy them dresses. In addition, we also planned a Dinner for them.


Status as of December 28 th 2016: Sujith Koshy implemented the project. The kids were so happy to get a new dress. We will be doing this again in 2017.
Would you like to contribute or join Sujith Koshy for the shopping and dinner?

Current Status

I-Believe is looking forward to hosting this event in 2017. This is a project that many of us could easily implement in our hometowns during local festivals.

How to get involved?

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