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Goodbye COVID-19

Goodbye COVID-19

Location : Bronx, New York

Contact Information: Jeslin Varghese

Budget: $ 1,500.00

Project Start Date: 04/21/2020


With the current COVID-19 pandemic there are many organizations performing essential duties in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE). Equipment needed varies by organization, however include items such as surgical masks, face shields, gloves and disposable booties. Without this protective equipment these volunteers & workers risk exposing themselves to COVID-19.


To lower the risk of exposure to these workers & volunteers we hope to be able to donate surgical masks and other PPE to more organizations nationwide. Any amount raised will go directly towards purchasing PPE for an organization in need.

How to get involved?

I-Believe has already order 1,500 surgical masks and had them delivered to Citymeals on Wheels in Bronx, New York. We hope to make another donation in the future, that is where we need your help – every dollar counts!

We believe success should be measured by the lives we impact. But we can’t do it without you, so we’re asking you to get involved. Please use the buttons below to donate to the this fund and to explore ways you can join us in our mission.

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