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Helping Boys at an Orphanage in Paranthal, kerala

Helping Boys at an Orphanage in Paranthal, kerala

Location                                :Paranthal, Adoor, Kerala, Kerala, India

Contact Information        : Sujith Koshy

Budget                               : $ 300

UN Sustainable Development Goals  that are addressed                                : Quality Education, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities

Project Start Date                        : 1/1/2015


There is this orphanage in Adoor, Kerala that hosts boys from economically backward families and orphans. Our project manager Sujith Koshy visits this facility every now and then and helps them with their immediate needs and life’s little pleasures like buying them Kerala Paratha and beef or chicken curry or bakery or a movie. During the summer holidays of 2017, we had the opportunity to take them all for shopping and get them a dress they liked.


Project Cost – $300 or roughly Rs. 16,000-18,000 (Indian Rupees)
Like this project? Find an orphanage or old age home near your town and see how you can be part of it. Make someone happy or bring a little smile on their face!

Current Status

I-believe PM Sujith Koshy is working with authorities to analyze what could be done for the boys during Christmas vacation.

How to get involved?

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