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Rise and Shine Nursery Project in Malawi

Rise and Shine Nursery Project in Malawi

Location                                :  Malawi, Africa

Contact Information        : Jeslin Varghese

Budget                               : $ 10,000

Project Start Date                        : 11/1/2018


Mwai, a 20-year-old young woman from Malawi was the first girl from her rural village to complete Secondary School in 2015. Thanks to a CARE program which enabled her to complete Secondary School. Unfortunately, Mwai wasn’t able to pursue a degree due to the financial limits of her parents, who are small-scale farmers in her village and have very limited resources. Malawi is a very poor country, ranked #170 out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index. Mwai persisted though and with the help from a group of friends in the U.S, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree Program that aims to educate and empower students so they can teach and advise farmers on how they can better use agriculture as a means of boosting the country’s economy. At present, Mwai is on a different pursuit; to gift education to the kids in her village by building a nursery.


It is our duty and privilege to be able to help the affected rebuild their lives. Let us help Mwai realize her noble dream. 100% of donations will go directly to the project.  Donations can be completed online with ease below, and sharing this project with your friends and family can create an even larger impact.

How to get involved?

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