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Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda

Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda

Location                                : NEWYORK, USA

Contact Information        : I-Believe

Budget                               : $

UN Sustainable Development Goals  that are addressed                                : All of them

Project Start Date                        : 12/1/2016


GBRI’s supports the United Nations in achieving the 2030 challenge through education, and collaboration with other organizations such as i-believe. “Change Begins With Me” Campaign is a collaborative effort between GBRI (an online education provider) and I-believe (a non-profit based out of the U.S) to make a difference in the way we think and act through:


1. Education
2. Social Experiments
3. Hosting Projects in support of the SDGs
4. Inspire others to be the change!
The campaign was kick started in August 2016. Currently, we have 3 course videos that talk about UN
SDGs. These courses are available to watch on GBRIonline.org, YouTube and I-Believe Websites.

Current Status

I-believe is currently seeking volunteers to share the FREE course videos on UN SDGs through friends and social media. If there is demand, I-Believe will also look into translating the course into other languages

How to get involved?

We want to support more public schools, provide more scholarships, empower more children, give more families security during the difficult times and change their lives in a sustainable way. We believe success should be measured by the lives we impact. But we can’t do it without you, so we’re asking you to get involved. Please use the buttons below to explore ways you can support our projects and join us in our mission.

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