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Leopards kept coming to this village in search of water, so the farmers actually built water tanks for them in the forest

The Ranmala village of Pune district, India, had been facing a serious problem – leopards from the nearby forest kept venturing into their village and attacked their cattle, pets and even humans. However, the villagers knew that these wild animals would not enter their territory unless they were desperate.

Now one of the main reasons that brought the leopards into the village was water. So, the locals hit upon an innovative solution!

In November this year, Baban Khadke, Genubhau Bhujbal and Rajaram Shinde, all farmers, decided to build and repair a total of three water tanks for the benefit of leopards. These cubical tanks that are 5-feet-deep and 5-feet-wide work like artificial wells where the water is let out in a wide basin-like structure for the leopards to drink from.

Since the tanks were placed away from human settlements and farms, it minimized the frequency of leopards entering the villages.

With this simple technique, the village of Ranmala has showcased the effectiveness of uncomplicated ideas that can be very efficient and beneficial for the environment.

Read more here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/166552/pune-farmer-innovation-water-leopard/

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