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Parents of a blood cancer survivor help 1,240 underprivileged kids with the disease get medical treatment

In 2011, Monica and Arvind R Vohra’s five year old son Aaryan was diagnosed with blood cancer. The news left the couple shattered, but with great courage and determination, they prepared for the tough time ahead. It was then that they learnt that the chances of recovery from Leukemia (blood cancer) were as high as 90 per cent in children below the age of 14.

The statistic was an eye-opener for them. They had assumed the worst, and then they realized that if this information came as a surprise to them, what could be said of people from underprivileged, unexposed sections of the society? It was this statistic that pushed the Delhi-based couple to start Leukemia Crusaders (LC) – an organization that helps raise awareness and provide financial assistance to children battling Leukemia across India.

When the couple approached Aaryan’s doctor for more information on the subject, they got to know that though a number of government schemes exist to fund the cancer treatment of underprivileged children, the lack of awareness of these schemes was the biggest hurdle.

“There are various government schemes available for the treatment of blood cancer, but since most parents are unaware of these, very often they either abandon the treatment because of lack of funds or do not get the children admitted at all,” explains Monica.

Till the family makes arrangements for alternate finances, LC funds the treatment for 20 to 25 days in some hospitals to up to a month in others. The organization calls it “Bridge Funding”, and has found it an effective way to ensure continued treatment.

Read more here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/195711/delhi-ncr-mother-helps-underprivileged-children-leukemia-cancer-treatment-india/

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