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Cycling to work in an air-conditioned car? Well, this might soon be a reality!

Although cars, with their comfortable seats and air conditioning systems, are world’s most favored mode of transport, carbon emissions make them a serious health hazard. And while bikes, on the other hand, are good both for our health and the environment, they fail to protect us from heat and cold, not to mention the uncomfortable seats.

This is why the FitCar might be the greatest transportation invention ever!

Saudi inventor Nasser Al Shawaf has taken an Audi A4 and replaced the accelerator pedal with a bike pedal mechanism connected to a flywheel; you sit in the driver’s seat and pedal. The faster you go, the faster the car goes, but it also has speed settings – so if you are stuck in traffic, you can still exercise while the car is standing still.

The FitCar “turns sedentary, unhealthy, tedious commutes in to active, healthy time.”

It is currently being tested in Amsterdam, where there is a desperate and unmet need for alternatives to the traditional old bicycles.

Read more here: https://www.treehugger.com/cars/cycle-work-air-conditioned-comfort-your-pedal-equipped-fitcar.html

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