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How Chennai residents befriended strays and turned them into guardians of their locality

Almost everywhere in the world, stray dogs lead a life of misery and are considered a nuisance. They are particularly a problem in big cities where they often pose a danger to the public and might even carry diseases.

However, a community in the city of Chennai, India, has just proved that if treated with love and kindness, even the strays can turn into the best of friends.

The relationship between the residents of the Agathiyar Nagar in Villivakkam, Chennai, and the stray dogs began about three years ago when a dog wandered into the locality. Instead of driving the dog away or simply letting it be, Meena Vasudevan, a resident of the locality, started feeding it.

Slowly, the pack grew and today there are five to six dogs in the locality. When Vasudevan and other residents started taking care of them, he dogs developed a bond and a sense of belonging with these humans and are now protective of them.

B Vasudevan, another resident of the locality says, “Many bike parts were stolen in the dead of night. Some men would also consume alcohol in front of our homes, and it was a nuisance. All these issues have stopped since we adopted the strays. We feel a lot safer. And the dogs are extremely friendly, they haven’t harmed anyone.”

Read more here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/170191/chennai-night-theft-stray-dog-protection/

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