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Indian officer guides villagers to use rice husk ash to purify water

Farmers in the small village of Lambra in Punjab, India, are using rice husk ash to purify water, thanks to the efforts and guidance of IAS officer KS Pannu. Earlier, they had a hard time disposing off the same ash, which is the residue left after burning of rice husk.

Lambra Kangri Multipurpose Cooperative Service Society, spearheaded by Mr Pannu, has started a pilot project in the village wherein a unique technique is employed to treat water that “could also be used in fields as it would be beneficial for crops.”

“As compared to the other techniques, this is natural and cheaper. Under this technique, waste and unclean water will be passed through rice husk ash,” said Jaswinder Singh, the Project Manager of the society. Also, thanks to this society’s efforts, these villagers from Punjab don’t use LPG cylinders anymore, and instead use biogas.

Read more here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/167559/ias-hero-eco-friendly-innovation-farming-punjab/

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