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Indian scientists develop low cost solar water purifier that wastes neither water nor electricity

In India, remote villages still suffer from the unavailability of potable drinking water. Most water filters available in the market are costly and need electricity to operate. Also, the reverse-osmosis (RO) filters waste a lot of water, making them unviable for areas with shortage of water.

Now Indian scientists at the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute in Maharashtra have developed a unique low-cost solar water purifier that can address all these concerns.

This solar water purifier is made up of four tubular solar water heaters attached to a manifold. The tubes have special coating to absorb maximum sunlight. They are like a thermos flask with vacuum between outer and inner tubes.

Non-potable water is filled in the tubes after filtering with four-layered cotton cloth. The water gets heated in the stagnation mode by solar energy, making it potable.

Since the cotton cloth can be washed daily, it ensures that filter is not clogged.

Read full story here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/149526/low-cost-solar-water-purifier-no-electricity-wastes-no-water-maharashtra/

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