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This incredible refugee woman runs a successful catering business despite all odds

This is the inspiring story of Mariam Shaar – a woman born and raised as a refugee in the Bourj al Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon. The camp was established in 1948 to accommodate displaced Palestinians, its residents unable to work or participate as citizens.

Mariam, however, decided to create a source of livelihood for Palestinian refugee women in the camp. In 2013, she went to Alfanar, Arab region’s first venture philanthropy organization, to ask for funds to kick-start a catering venture. She explained that this venture would help refugee women generate their own income, all while building their self-confidence and allowing them to market tasty Palestinian food that reminds them of home.

Alfanar decided to take a chance on this dedicated woman. They gave her start-up funds to form the Soufra (which means “feast” in Arabic) catering unit and offered her valuable business advice.

Within the first year of Soufra’s opening, they recovered most of the business costs. As a result, the women behind this initiative were able to bring a dignified income home to their families, feel a sense of pride in their work, and they were able to have a voice in their community. Mariam and her team even raised funds on Kickstarter to purchase a food truck and expand their small business.

Read more here: https://mymodernmet.com/soufra-food-truck-refugee-women/

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