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Scotland becomes world’s first country to give free sanitary products to students

Under a commendable new scheme by the Scottish government, all the students in the country would have access to free feminine hygiene products. The $6.6 million initiative will benefit roughly 400,000 students across all of the country’s schools, universities, and colleges.

Recent surveys showed that one in four responding pupils have had trouble accessing sanitary products, while one in five participants have experienced “period poverty” in the past. The new scheme will ensure that Scottish students will no longer have to forgo their hygienic needs based on their income or social situation.

“In a country as rich as Scotland, it’s unacceptable that anyone should struggle to buy basic sanitary products,” said communities secretary, Aileen Campbel.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/first-country-in-the-world-to-give-free-sanitary-products-to-all-students/

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