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This convenience store owner in Scotland has given away over $6,000 worth of goods to seniors preparing for quarantines

34-year-old Zahid Iqbal owns the Day-Today convenience store in Drylaw, Edinburgh. The compassionate man has been giving away FREE ‘Coronavirus kits’ comprising of toilet paper, antibacterial handwash, tissues, and anti-inflammatories to seniors who are preparing to get quarantined due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Customers over the age of 65 and those with mobility issues facing self-isolation can either pick up the free goods at the convenience store or have the “coronavirus kits” delivered to their house for free by calling the shop.

Iqbal has already given away more than 1,000 kits, and he says he hopes it “sets a good example” for other consumers and businesses as shop shelves have been left bare from panic-buying. Since each pack costs around £5 to make, Iqbal said the initiative has already cost his business a whopping £5,000 ($6,100) not including the cost of fuel for home deliveries.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/store-gives-away-6000-dollars-in-free-goods-to-quarantined-seniors/

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