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This designer is working to build world’s first modern village that generates its own electricity and food in 100% sustainable loop

American architect James Ehrlich has been given a go-ahead by officials in the Netherlands to build an eco-village about 30 miles from Amsterdam. This village is going to be a modern neighborhood that would generate its own power using a closed loop system that would also recycle all the waste and generate all the food. Ehrlich is putting his own money on the line for his ambitious project.

Ehrlich founded ReGen Villages in 2016 as a startup company intending to disrupt the way the world thinks about housing, development and transportation, and how these CO2-heavy sectors can be overhauled to create a green, self-sustaining lifestyle.

Under his vision, each ReGen village would incorporate entirely self-sustainable systems for waste management, water treatment, and food production, electricity would be generated through solar, biogas from food and animal waste, and geothermal sources.

Special aquaponic gardens would combine fish farming with aquatic agriculture that allow residents to cultivate a sustainable micro-ecosystem to produce fish and produce. Human waste would be composted to feed the ecosystems, with the fish waste providing a critical source of fertilizer for the gardens.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/eco-village-designer-hopes-to-complete-first-100-sustainable-village-by-end-of-2020/

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