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This public school superintendent plans to use his first $10,000 bonus to cover his students’ college applications

Grant Rivera, a superintendent at a public school system in Georgia, recently received his first ever bonus of $10,000 after his district met certain performance standards. Instead of pocketing this money, this 44-year-old plans to use it to cover the college application fees of his high school students.  

Rivera is donating the bonus to the Marietta Schools Foundation so that it can help students who apply to colleges ahead of regular application deadlines.

“I don’t believe that a bonus provided by the board should be earned on the backs of the teachers,” Rivera told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “My hope is that it’s an incentive for kids to do the right thing.”

Of the 500 high schoolers in the graduating class, Rivera estimates that 150 to 200 students will apply to college.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/superintendent-uses-10000-bonus-for-students-college-applications/

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