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Wild ponies stood guard all night over a mare hit by speeding car

Humans often forget that they aren’t the only species on Earth capable of feeling love for their dear ones. When a 9-year-old mare died after being hit by a speeding vehicle on January 8 in New Forest National Park, England, her friends stood guard over her dead body the entire night – showing that animals feel the loss of a loved one too.

Sarah Simmons snapped the photo after passing the scene of the accident and posted it on social media, asking people to “slow down” on forest roads.

“Broke my heart this morning seeing another pony KILLED on the forest road. Even more that her friends were looking on,” Simmons wrote on Facebook.

Read full story here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/2378/Wild-Ponies-Stand-Guard-All-Night-Over-Mare-Hit-By-Car

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