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An extraordinary idea helped this drought-prone village to become water-sufficient

Ranmala, a small village in the Indian state of Maharashtra, had witnessed years of drought due to soil erosion caused by mass cutting of trees. Now the only solution to the problem was planting of new trees, but villagers had little idea how to go about it.

Here arose the genius of PT Shinde, a retired school teacher who used a simple tactic to include villagers in his vision to plant thousands of trees in Ranmala.

Shinde attached sentimental values to this task and encouraged villagers to gift a sapling to the families celebrating special occasions. He even encouraged them to gift a sapling to a family in memory of a loved one they lost.

This resulted in people getting emotionally attached to the saplings and nurturing them with love. This emotional connection helped Ranmala grow about two lakh saplings in 15 years! What was once a drought-prone village is now self-sufficient in its water needs.

Read full news here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/146251/news-drought-pune-village-trees-plantation/

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