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This Indian city is using discarded wood and cargo packaging to beautify public parks

Noida, an industrial city right next to the Indian capital New Delhi, produces a lot of packaging waste and wooden pallets that are usually discarded and dumped. The government garbage collectors segregate discarded wooden packaging from other unusable items and sell it to small businesses to be reused or burned. However, thanks to the sustainable initiatives of the Noida authorities, this discarded material is...

February 14, 2019 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Ben & Jerry’s bids goodbye to single-use plastics

Popular ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry’s is the latest company to join the ongoing war against single-use plastics. The company recently announced that it will stop the use of plastic straws and spoons across its 600-plus Scoop Shops around the globe very soon. It also plans to shift completely to wooden spoons by April this year. Paper straws will only be available upon request. Jenna Evans, Ben &...

January 29, 2019 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Boeing just successfully tested its first electric flying air taxi

Flying air taxis could well be the solution to our traffic congestion woes, and if they are also electric, it would be like the quintessential cherry on the cake! Now Boeing is taking personal air transport to the next level by introducing its first “personal air vehicle,” or PAV. It just completed its first successful takeoff, hovering, and landing, which tested the vehicle’s autonomous functions and ground...

January 28, 2019 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Global suicide rate falls by 29% in the last two decades

In a positive trend among human race across the globe, number of people committing suicide has fallen by 29% since 2000.   After the fall of the Soviet Union, the number of suicides among middle-aged Russian men dropped considerably. European nations also saw a significant drop in suicide rates after they peaked in 1934 during the Great Depression. Likewise, suicide rates have dropped in countries like Japan,...

January 14, 2019 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Meet the tattoo shop owner who offers free services to customers who bring in clothes for the homeless

Over a month ago, Mark Hennant, owner of Ink Link Tattoo shop in Nebraska, USA, started offering free tattoo certificates to customers in exchange for items of clothing like gloves, hats, coats, boots etc. that he could give to the homeless. Needless to say, the donations started pouring in. In fact, the shop received so many donations, they were forced to downsize their offer to certificates that were only...

December 20, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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