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This Indian city is using discarded wood and cargo packaging to beautify public parks

Noida, an industrial city right next to the Indian capital New Delhi, produces a lot of packaging waste and wooden pallets that are usually discarded and dumped. The government garbage collectors segregate discarded wooden packaging from other unusable items and sell it to small businesses to be reused or burned.

However, thanks to the sustainable initiatives of the Noida authorities, this discarded material is now being used to decorate a 75-acre work-in-progress Biodiversity Park.

Around 4,000 kg of “waste” wood has already been up-cycled to manufacture vertical gardens, benches and other decorative items. From beautiful wells to trees to pots with flowering plants, the Park is a good example of how scrapped material can be utilized.

Globally, government authorities should be the front-runners in encouraging people to inculcate eco-friendly ways of life. And Noida authorities are doing so by example by reducing, recycling and reusing waste products to beautify the Biodiversity Park.

Read more here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/172340/noida-vertical-garden-recycled-wood-tyres-green-india/

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