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Doctor creates an app to assist deaf parents that lets them know when and why their baby is crying

While normal parents can ascertain after some time what their babies’ cries mean – whether they are crying from fussiness, hunger or pain – deaf parents have no way of knowing that.

To help such parents, Dr. Ariana Anderson at the UCLA Medical Center and Semel Institute developed the Crybaby app that alerts deaf parents when their kids are crying, and also explains why the infants are crying.

By compiling a database of over 2,000 baby cries, Anderon’s app can interpret a baby’s needs with 90% accuracy. For instance, if there are long periods of silence between cries, it usually means that the baby is just finicky. But if the infant is uttering long, sustained, high-pitched wails, it means that the baby is in pain.

Read full news here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/mom-develops-new-app-that-alerts-deaf-parents-to-when-and-why-their-babies-are-crying/

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