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Man designs a floating drone to prevent potential drownings

Lee Kambar, a doting dad from Phoenix, Arizona, has developed a floating drone that he hopes will help parents keep their kids safe while swimming in pools. Already, many emergency crews are calling this brilliant invention a potential life saver.

The Morningstar SOS is a drone with two built-in, 360-degree cameras that can survey the activity on top and underneath a pool’s surface. If the device senses that someone is in or around the pool when they shouldn’t be, it sends a picture and notification to the homeowners.

If the situation turns out to be an emergency, then homeowners immediately have the option to pass on the information to local rescue workers.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/dad-designs-a-floating-drone-that-could-prevent-dozens-of-potential-drownings/

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