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Meet the man who is traveling to all 50 states, offering to mow lawns for people in need for free

Rodney Smith Jr. is a man on a mission. He aims to visit all 50 states in the US to offer free lawn mowing services to anyone who is elderly, disabled, a single mother or a veteran who needs their lawn mower.

Smith is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a lawn care nonprofit he launched in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Raising Men Lawn Care Service helps young people give back to their communities.

Then he came up with “The 50 Yard Challenge”, which challenged kids across the country to mow 50 lawns for people in need. The kids join by posting a photo of themselves on social media with a sign that says they accept the 50 Yard Challenge, and then they get to work.

Smith wanted to complete the challenge himself, but he raised the stakes. He challenged himself to the “50 Yards in 50 States Challenge.”

The man says he has finally realized that his true passion in life is to help people.

Read full news here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/2853/This-Man-Is-Traveling-To-All-50-States-Mowing-Lawns-For-People-In-Need

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