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Neighborhoods across the US installing miniature pantries for the underprivileged

With the success of the Little Free Library movement in the US, communities have now come up with a somewhat similar idea – Little Free Pantry. Under this new initiative, neighborhoods across the country are building small food pantries that are stocked by the community to help people in need.

In general, non-perishable foods or items are appreciated, such as: canned foods with ring-pulls, sealed crackers and snacks, bottled water, socks, toilet tissue, hand soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby wipes and any toiletries.

A family in Boise, Idaho, recently celebrated their son’s third birthday by building a Little Free Pantry and asked party guests to bring canned goods as gifts.

“Birthdays are a time of giving, and we don’t need that much stuff. We don’t need the amount of gifts that we get, so we were trying to find ways to direct the kindness to where it was more needed,” Macy Miller said. “This year Miles wanted to build something. So that’s what we did for his third birthday.”

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