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This cafe has helped more than 80 cats find a loving home

The MeowMe Cat Cafe in Parkside, Australia is famous for allowing its customers to play with up to 15 cats while waiting for their orders – and this has helped more than 80 cats find loving homes.

“We want to try and help the rescued animals as much as possible,” cafe owner Yvonne Wong says. “In the cafe, we have a lot more traffic than a lot of these adoption shelters so it is much easier to get people in to meet the cats.”

The cafe has collaborated with volunteer group Paws & Claws Adoptions to help find caring homes for displaced cats. Since opening its doors, more than 80 cats have been adopted.

Read full story here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/2613/More-Than-80-Cats-Adopted-From-Cafe-Where-Diners-Can-Play-With-Them

January 26, 2018 by pooja pooja Category: Headlines 2 comments

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  1. Yvonne Wong February 01, 2018

    Hi, I’m the owner of this MeowMe Cafe. Thank you very much for reporting on our cafe. However, please note that the cafe is based in Parkside (not West Lakes). Could you please kindly amend the cafe location in the article?

    • pooja pooja February 06, 2018

      Thank you for bringing that to our notice. We’ve made the necessary changes.

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