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This genius community program in Philippine village solves two problems in one go – hunger and plastic waste

In Philippine’s Bayanan village, one kilogram of rice only costs about 70 cents. Yet it is considered costly by the residents, most of whom are below poverty line. Another issue plaguing the village is ever increasing plastic waste.

So, the village leaders decided to tackle both the problems with one genius plan. They launched a program which offers 1 kilogram of rice in exchange for 2 kilograms of plastic waste.

Village chief Andor San Pedro told reporters that the program organizers were able to collect more than 214 kilograms (471 pounds) of plastic and recyclables during the month of August, all of which was sent to government facilities for processing.

The organizers now hope that the program’s success will inspire other villages to adopt similar initiatives in their own communities.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/philippine-village-trades-plastic-for-free-rice/

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