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This kindhearted man paid off lunch debts of over 400 kids

Andrew Levy is a real estate agent in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, who conducts most of his business in the Jupiter area. Recently, Levy got to know that over 400 kids in the area could not have a proper lunch in their school cafeterias because of outstanding lunch debts.

This bothered Levy and the kindhearted man met with the district authorities to pay off the outstanding debt in all nine Jupiter public schools. The total came to $944.34.

“These children that were in debt were going to either not eat or they would get just cheese sandwiches and I thought that’s crazy,” he said. “I thought you know something? If for a modest sum I could make that change, I’m gonna do it.”

“Every quarter, I’m going to do either a GoFundMe page or a fundraising page that can raise money every quarter, so lunch debt never accumulates so that children never have to worry about a hot meal and parents never have to worry about paying the bill,” he added.

Read more here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3512/Florida-Man-Pays-Off-Lunch-Debts-For-Every-Child-In-9-Schools

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