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This UK restaurant is offering free food to kids if their parents don’t use phones at the table

A UK-based restaurant chain is making sure that parents give adequate attention to their little ones and not their mobile screens while enjoying a meal. It is already well known that kids hate their parents using cellphones at the table instead of engaging in some quality family time.

From November 29 till December 7, Frankie and Benny’s will be asking families to leave their phones in a “no phone zone” box at the table. The devices are meant to stay there for the duration of the meal. As a reward, kids eat for free.

The phone ban is optional; families are not forced to participate, although the prospect of saving money on food is likely a nice incentive. Frankie and Benny’s says the no phone zone box could continue long-term, depending on customer reaction.

Read more here: https://www.treehugger.com/family/restaurant-gives-free-meals-families-who-dont-use-phones-table.html

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