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This waitress walked 14 miles everyday to work, so a couple dining in the same restaurant decided to gift her a car!

Adrianna Edwards worked at Denny’s in Galveston, Texas, and had to walk almost 14 miles every day in order to get to work. When a couple who sat in her section for breakfast a few days back got to know of her story, they decided to gift her a 2011 Nissan Sentra!

“She teared up, which made me happy that she was so moved by that,” said the woman who bought the car.

“I still feel like I’m dreaming. Every two hours, I come look out my window and see if there’s still a car there,” Edwards said.

The only thing the couple asked in return was that Edwards someday pay it forward. Edwards says she intends to do just that.

Read more here: https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3568/A-Couple-Surprised-Their-Waitress-Who-Walked-14-Miles-To-Work-With-A-New-Car

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