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Engineer who lived life modestly leaves $37 million to local charity

Retired engineering executive Raymond Suckling lived a pretty modest life in Sewickley, PA. He loved White Castle hamburgers, drove a Subaru and wore Velcro sneakers. No one ever thought him to be a wealthy man – not until he left a $37.1 million donation to the Pittsburgh Foundation when he died in 2013. “Gifts of this magnitude are always very thoughtfully made,” Foundation president and CEO...

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7 years after receiving a kidney from her father, she gets one from mom too!

Azia Hassan was merely 4 years old when she underwent her first kidney transplant, her dad was the donor. Sadly, by October 2017, that kidney almost failed and it became clear Azia needed a new one urgently and only weekly dialysis would keep her alive. That’s when her mom Uzma Asghar stepped forward to ‘gift’ her darling daughter one of her kidneys. She said: “If I can survive with one kidney...

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DPS trooper saves man’s life by dragging him out of a car being approached by a high speed train

Henry (Hank) Roanhorse, an Arizona DPS trooper, is being credited with saving the life of a man who was lying unconscious in his car on a railroad track. Roanhorse managed to pull him out mere seconds before the car got hit by a speeding train. Roanhorse was driving home when he spotted the car. He approached the vehicle and found the 56-year-old driver, Sampson Whitegoat, unconscious behind the wheel. Whitegoat...

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This cafe has helped more than 80 cats find a loving home

The MeowMe Cat Cafe in Parkside, Australia is famous for allowing its customers to play with up to 15 cats while waiting for their orders – and this has helped more than 80 cats find loving homes. “We want to try and help the rescued animals as much as possible,” cafe owner Yvonne Wong says. “In the cafe, we have a lot more traffic than a lot of these adoption shelters so it is much...

January 26, 2018 by pooja pooja 1 Comments
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Local people come together for beach clean-up in Mumbai to tackle the plastic waste menace

Versova Beach in Mumbai, India has never looked cleaner – and it is due to the efforts of local people, including children, who have undertaken the task of cleaning a 3-kilometer stretch of the beach every weekend. The good samaritans have already collected more than 12,000 tonnes of plastic waste that gets washed ashore since 2015. While considerable areas of the beach are still polluted by plastic, the...

January 25, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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By 2040, all short-haul flights in Norway would be electric

Norway is all set to become world’s first country to switch entirely to electric air transport for short-distance flights. The nation’s public operator of air transport hopes to achieve this target by 2040. State-owned Avinor, which operates most of Norway’s civil airports, is aiming to be the “first in the world” to switch to electric air transport, according to its chief executive Dag Falk-Petersen. “We...

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This pit bull is being credited with saving the lives of her owners

Pit bulls are known for their protective nature and tenacity and this pit bull recently proved that dogs are man’s best friends indeed. A couple in Lakeview, New York, has credited Ruby, their pit bull, for saving their lives. “Typically she only barks for one reason, and that’s if someone is at the door,” Ronene Ando told CBS News. So Thursday night, when Ruby wouldn’t stop...

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This Iraq war veteran is still helping out Puerto Ricans, 4 months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island

Four months ago, Hurricane Maria caused massive destruction in Puerto Rico, while plunging its residents into a deep humanitarian crisis. There was no electricity for weeks and people struggled for basic necessities like food and drinkable water. Since then, Jason Maddy has been on a mission – he and other veterans rushed in supplies to the remote western parts of the island to help those in need. One of...

January 22, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Scotland bans the use of plastic-stemmed cotton buds

In a new move to curb the growing problem of marine plastic pollution, Scotland has become the first country in the world to ban the production and sale of plastic-stemmed cotton buds. The move follows concerns about the number of buds being washed up on beaches after being flushed down toilets. Hundreds were recently found on a 100 m stretch of Gullane Beach. Plastic cotton buds are consistently listed in the...

January 19, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Elon Musk’s brother wants to introduce #RealFood to students across 100,000 American schools

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk is all set to introduce students across 100,000 American schools to growing and eating real food. His nonprofit organization, The Kitchen Community, is expanding into a new, national nonprofit called Big Green which aims to build hundreds of outdoor Learning Garden classrooms across America to teach kids garden skills and healthy eating habits. The Kitchen...

January 18, 2018 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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