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This modern, eco-friendly home features rainwater harvesting and zero energy costs

Srijit Srinivas, an Indian architect based in the south Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram,  recently constructed an eco-friendly home (The Brickhaus) for one of his clients that is not just aesthetically pleasing with a brick exterior but also boasts of imaginative design, intelligent utilization of space and natural light, and several other environment-friendly features embedded into the structure. Despite its...

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This surgeon lets his patients who can’t afford healthcare pay for procedures with community service

Doctor Demetrio Aguila, who heads a surgery center in Norfolk, NE, called the Healing Hands of Nebraska, recently launched the M25 program, named for the 25th chapter of the book of Matthew in the Bible. Under this program, the surgeon allows people who can’t afford medical treatment to pay for medical procedures with volunteer work. M25 works like this: • The patient needs surgery or healthcare they...

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A mystery neighbor’s holiday card made the Christmas brighter for this grandmother suffering from depression and dementia

An elderly woman from Durham, England, suffering from dementia and depression had a daily routine of sitting by the window in her home and waving at passersby. This week, she was overwhelmed with happiness on receiving a greeting card from a mystery neighbor identified only by her first name. “To the lady who waves and smiles, with Christmas wishes,” read the card. “It’s nice to see you smile and wave when I...

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US malls are opening early so that kids with autism can enjoy their Santa time in a calm environment

As Christmas is approaching, malls across the US are getting heavily crowded with families and children wanting to meet Santa. While the holiday season is all about spreading love and cheer, the loud sounds and bright lights can get a bit overwhelming for kids with autism. That’s why two organizations have teamed up to create a soothing environment for visiting Santa. The nonprofit Autism Speaks and Cherry...

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Teen releases an app for free that makes caring for dementia patients easy, he created it for his grandmother initially

Logan Wells, a high school student from Lexington, Massachusetts, knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to care for loved ones with dementia. He was 15 when his grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. Seeing his parents and other family members struggle to work as a team to care for his grandmother, he came up with the idea for CareZare, an app which allows caregivers to easily work together...

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This duo farms seaweed to filter pollution from their favorite beach and also help tackle climate change

Nikki Spil and Sjoerd Laarhoven are residents of IJmuiden in the Netherlands. The sight of pollution from a factory on one side of the IJmuiden harbor drifting across to the pristine beach frequented by the locals repulsed them, and the duo decided to do something about it. Today, Nikki and Sjoerd farm seaweed at their Sea Farm Ijmond, right across from the pollution-emitting factory, as a simple,...

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Tireless efforts of this officer brought water and birds back to a dried 18-acre lake in India

The beautiful Otteri Lake inside Vandalur Zoo in Chennai, India, was once the winter home for thousands of migratory birds who would fly in from as far away as the frozen Arctic. However, the lake was badly affected by Cyclone Vardah in 2016 and then severe droughts in the consecutive summers dried up the entire lake almost completely. This hugely affected the migratory bird populations that once called the...

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This kind woman crocheted 45 blankets to donate to sick children

Now here is a woman from Rumson, New Jersey, with a heart of gold! Nancy Banta cricheting blankets and donating them to sick children for over 20 years now. Her kind acts were brought to light by her daughter who proudly shared a photo of her mother sitting next to the 45 blankets she crocheted this year for donation. “My mom has been donating crocheted blankets to sick children over the past 20+...

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New solar-powered desalination plant finally gives clean water to this Kenyan region after 5 years of devastating draught

The town of Kiunga in Kenya had been facing acute water shortage owing to a five-year long devastating drought that had completely depleted the area’s clean water resources. The situation was so critical that the villagers had started resorting to using dirty well-water and saltwater from the Indian Ocean. Now thanks to a new solar-powered desalination plant, the people have finally been given the gift of...

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Meet the man who donates 40% of his salary to feed thousands of birds on a daily basis

Joseph Sekar is an electrician and camera repair person living in Chennai, India. He is fondly referred to as the ‘Birdman of Chennai’ due to his unwavering love for thousands of parakeets, whom he feeds on a daily basis. Sekar’s terrace in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Triplicane, Chennai, plays host to almost 8,000 parakeets to be more specific. The daily intake of these parakeets is around 75...

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