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This nurse stopped and saved a life while on the way to her daughter’s wedding

Jodi Damrow is a nurse from Nebraska who was traveling to attend her daughter Hailey Krull’s wedding ceremony when she witnessed a horrifying accident nearly one mile away from her home. Having over 35 years of experience as an ER nurse, she immediately sprung to action to help in whatever way she could. Damrow kept a woman’s airway open while they waited for paramedics to arrive. She also called a...

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This super crowded Indian slum area managed to contain coronavirus to just 2,000 cases

When Coronavirus outbreak began in Mumbai, it was feared that if the virus spread in Dharvai, a crowded slum area in the city that is home to one million people and the setting of the Oscar-Winning film Slumdog Millionaire, it would next to impossible to contain the infections. Today, Mumbai is the epicenter of COVID-19 in India and while the city at large has seen maxed-out hospital beds, Dharavi has reported...

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This British family sold off their London home to move to Africa and save world’s smallest nature reserve

This is the story of a family of four who decided to give up their comfortable life in a metropolitan city and move to a far-off country to do their bit for saving the environment. Barry Seath, his wife Karolina and their two young daughters are all set to move to a small island in the Seychelles after selling off their home in London. The purpose? They want to revitalize the coral reefs in the smallest African...

July 02, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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These English farmers feed 1 million bees by turning over 81 acres of their land to wildflowers

Around four years ago, two pig farmers from Suffolk, England, decided to turn over 81 acres of their land to grow nectar-rich wildflowers that would feed a vast population of bees. Brothers Mark and Paul Hayward know the importance of bees and the threats these pollinators face, so they decided “to create an operation on our farm that did not push nature out but rather embraced it – as a central part of...

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This Indian officer used the lockdown time restore a river and generate hundreds of jobs

Many daily wage earners in India were rendered jobless due to lockdown and movement restriction because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. They had no other option but to move back to their villages, mostly in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. On the other hand, Kalyani river, a small river in Uttar Pradesh that was once the source of irrigation for farmers, had dried up from silt accumulation. Last year,...

June 26, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Scientists find a way to convert CO2 emissions into chemical building blocks for fuel

Till now, it was believed that transforming harmful CO2 emissions into useful products is an expensive and complicated process. But a team of chemical engineers from UNSW, Sydney, has come up with a technology that helps convert harmful carbon dioxide emissions into chemical building blocks to make useful industrial products like fuel and plastics. If adopted on a large scale, the process could give the world...

June 25, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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9-year-old heros raised $100,000 to support black-owned businesses and neighborhoods

Kamryn Johnson might be just 9 years old, but the little hero, along with five of her friends, has been making bracelets tirelessly since the past few weeks and donating the money to support black-owned businesses and neighborhoods. It all started one day when Kamryn Johnson and five of her friends were bored. So, in order to have a little bit of fun, they had the bright idea to sell some bracelets. Rather than...

June 24, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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This school librarian delivers books using drones as libraries remain closed

Kelly Passek is a middle-school librarian in Virginia, and she was one of the first customers of a drone delivery service launched last year by Wing. When libraries were shut to the public amid the coronavirus outbreak, Kelly came up with a unique idea to ensure kids could still rent books. After seeing how quickly her household items were delivered, she petitioned Wing to take on library books, too. She asked...

June 19, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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Band-aid announces its product range will include bandages with a range of skin tones

As Black Lives Matter protests are rocking the world, Band-aid recently made an announcement that it will finally be producing bandages in diverse skin tones to how solidarity with the protesters. “We hear you. We see you. We’re listening to you,” the company wrote on Instagram. “We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, collaborators and community in the fight against racism, violence and injustice. We...

June 18, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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During COVID-19 lockdown, this newspaper delivery man made over 500 grocery store runs for seniors

Amid COVID-19 lockdown over the past two months, Greg Dailey, a 50-year-old newspaper delivery man, made more than 500 grocery store runs for senior citizens residing near his home in East Windsor, New Jersey. The kind-hearted man said the idea came after an 88-year-old customer asked him to throw her newspaper closer to her garage when he was making his delivery rounds. He realized that if the woman needed help...

June 17, 2020 by pooja pooja 0 Comments
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