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Maharashtra declares war on plastic, puts a stringent plastic ban in place

The Indian state of Maharashtra imposed a ban on manufacture, use, sale and distribution of plastic bags, water bottles and other single-use plastics from June 23. The state residents welcomed the ban and were seen using sustainable alternatives like jute and cloth bags.

The ban comes in the backdrop of the environmental risks and harm posed by plastic items to wild animals from ingestion or entanglement, making Maharashtra the 18th state in India to enforce the ban.

Maharashtra generates 1,200 tonnes of plastic waste everyday; Mumbai alone generates 500 metric tonnes of everyday which accounts for nearly 10% of its total waste. While this ends up in the garbage dumps and landfills, a lot of the plastic also ends up clogging drains and in the sea, leading to massive marine pollution around Mumbai.

Read full news here: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/mumbai-residents-happy-as-maharashtra-plastic-ban-comes-into-effect-1872139

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