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Puerto Rico planting 750,000 new trees to protect itself from future natural disasters

Almost a year ago, Puerto Rico was battered by Hurricane Maria, which proved to be the deadliest natural disaster in 100 years of U.S. history. The island is still suffering from the after effects of the devastating storm, and is determined to take necessary steps to protect its land from such future calamities.

As an example, non-profit organization Para La Naturaleza (PLN) is working towards the ambitious goal of planting 750,000 native and endemic trees and establishing 33% of Puerto Rico’s lands as protected by 2033. Planting of native trees, such as soursop or cacao, also brings essential wildlife to the area while protecting the landscape from future erosion, especially in future flooding.

PLN is also bringing a botanical garden to the students at Juana Colón Public School, their sister organization which has transformed into a Montessori curriculum. The students are learning the natural sciences in the classroom and also building a forest within the school. They plant trees to hold sediments and prevent erosion, especially in future flooding.

Read more here: https://www.ecowatch.com/puerto-rico-news-trees-2608395449.html


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