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Students at this school are learning sign language for a special reason

In a heartwarming gesture, students at the Dayton Consolidated Elementary School in Maine are taking special pains to learn basic sign language in order to make a new student feel welcome. This new student is a 6-year-old deaf girl named Morie Belanger.

When the staffers heard that Morie could only communicate in ASL, they started hanging posters throughout the school to teach the other students sign language. Reporters say that the students now know about 20 different vocabulary words.

Additionally, the school installed a hearing assistive system and began making their classes more deaf-friendly. The teachers have even been learning ASL in their spare time so they can better communicate with Morie.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/maine-school-learns-asl-for-first-deaf-student/

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