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These college students launched an initiative to provide sanitary napkins to 400 maids in their locality

In India, menstruation is a subject that is seldom discussed in the open. Despite the fact that thousands of girls are forced to drop out of school once they reach puberty due to lack of menstrual awareness and hygiene, not many are willing to talk about the subject, especially in the country’s rural areas.

An astounding 71% girls have little to no knowledge about menstruation and menstrual hygiene before they get their first period. Of late, however, some initiatives have been undertaken by individuals and public bodies to raise awareness on the topic.

Manal Bole and Lakshit Bhayana are 22-year-old college students from Pune who have taken it upon themselves to spread menstrual hygiene awareness among women in their locality.

When Manal came to know that her domestic help and all the women in her family used the same cloth during their menstrual cycles, she was shocked. She immediately decided that all the women in her immediate vicinity would get sanitary napkins. That is what prompted her to start crowdfunding a campaign, which resulted in around 400 women in their Pune locality being provided with napkins.

She and her partner, Lakshit Bhayana, are now going a step further and looking at providing these women with eco-friendly pads which do not harm the environment.

Read full news here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/140332/pune-college-students-crowdfund-sanitary-napkins/

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