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This child actor from India offers her movie fee to build toilets in a village

14-year-old Prathyaksha portrayed the role of Mallama — the girl who fasted for three days to convince her family to build a toilet at home — in a Kannada movie. The child actor has now offered her entire movie fee, that roughly amounts to 100,000 rupees, to build more toilets in Mallama’s village.

“I’m not just inspired by Mallamma’s efforts but am determined to do something concrete for the cause. I’ll dedicate my fee to build toilets in Mallamma’s village,” Prathyaksha told the Times of India.

The class 9 student from Bengaluru, spent 40 days in Danapura village for the film shooting which made her realize the gravity of the issue. Over 80% of houses in the village still do not have toilets, which forces young women and girls to defecate in the open in the darkness of night.

Read full news here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/133453/child-actor-toilets/

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