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This garbageman insisted on checking on all his elderly customers instead of fleeing wildfire, and saved a life in the process

Dane Ray Cummings, a garbageman from Butte County, California, was asked by his boss to stop working and flee the area last week as the raging wildfire was headed towards them. However, the brave man did not flee before checking in on all his elderly customers, just to ensure everyone had evacuated.

Cummings had driven the same trash route for eight years – so he knew where all the elderly people lived.

Meanwhile, Margaret Newsum was eating breakfast when she turned on the morning news and saw reports of the encroaching fire. With no family members in the area to help her, she stepped out on her porch hoping that someone would see her – and that’s when Cummings pulled up in his “big green monster” truck.

Since Newsum is recovering from a broken back, she depends on a caregiver for assistance. A quick phone call revealed that the caregiver had already left town, so Cummings insisted on evacuating Newsum himself.

With the help of some neighbors, they boosted the fragile senior into the truck and the two of them embarked on the 5-hour drive to safety.

Read more here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/another-hero-when-garbageman-refuses-to-flea-wildfires-so-he-can-check-on-seniors-along-his-route/

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