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This scientist created a single-use water bottle that fully decomposes in just 3 weeks

It is a well known fact that our land and marine ecosystems are literally choking on the plastic that we conveniently use and discard. Single-use plastic water bottles are undoubtedly one of the biggest environmental hazards that our planet faces today.

Fortunately, a British scientist has developed a plastic-free, single-use water bottle that can decompose within three weeks.

The Choose Water bottle, developed by James Longcroft, aims to replace plastic bottles and help save the world’s oceans from plastic waste.

The outer lining of the bottle is made out of recycled paper donated by businesses, while the waterproof inner lining is made with a composite material Longcroft has developed himself.

All the constituents of the bottle can fully decompose within three weeks when left in water or landfill, and can be eaten by sea creatures, the company informs. The steel cap on the bottle will also rust and fully decompose in about a year.

Read full news here: https://www.businessinsider.in/A-scientist-says-hes-invented-a-replacement-for-plastic-water-bottles-that-fully-decomposes-in-3-weeks/articleshow/63999988.cms

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