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This social enterprise in Kenya is turning human excreta into clean fuel

29-year-old US environment engineer Andrew Foote knows that even discussing human poop is considered cringe-worthy by most. Yet that did not deter him from starting his firm Sanivation in 2014 that provides toilets to poor households in a small Kenyan town, collects their human waste and turns it into clean fuel.

In Kenya, an average of 17,000 under-fives die of diarrhoea every year. Foote was convinced these deaths could be avoided if the children had access to a clean, safe toilet. So that’s what he did! He provided toilets to some of the poorest householders in Naivasha, a large market town north-west of Nairobi at the cost of just $2 per month.

Today, his firm Sanivation collects the human waste of its participating householders and processes it using a solar thermal technology of its own design. It is then converted into charcoal-like briquettes, which are sold in the local community for cooking and domestic heating.

Read full news here: https://www.positive.news/2018/economics/social-enterprise/31394/bricking-it-turning-human-waste-into-clean-fuel/

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